Do you struggle with your putting?

New weighted grip technology provides golf’s FIRST answer for the yips. Legendary golf instructor Hank Haney proudly introduces the FLAT CAT® Solution by Lamkin!

  • Have you ever had trouble making a two-foot putt?
  • Have you tried EVERYTHING, but nothing has worked?

Until now, there’s been no sure way to smooth out an inconsistent or even a yip-plagued putting stroke. But help is finally here…introducing the FLAT CAT Solution!

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With the FLAT CAT Solution’s patented stainless steel weighted cone, optimally positioned directly BELOW the hands, the feeling of a heavier putter head is created, without losing any feel in your stroke. When you now make a stroke with ANY putter, it is automatically transformed just by switching to the FLAT CAT Solution. Instantly, the FLAT CAT Solution gives you a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like stroke. You will feel the difference immediately!


The best players in the world

Top golfers around the globe use putters that are heavier than the one you use. They do it to smooth out their stroke. Now you can do it with your favorite putter for a fraction of the cost just by changing your putter grip to the FLAT CAT Solution!

“The FLAT CAT Solution by Lamkin instantly gives you and every golfer a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like stroke, automatically!”

Hank Haney
Legendary Golf Instructor

“I have more confidence putting”

John Halstvedt (15 Handicap)

“The Flat Cat Solution is a significant difference”

Bob Kemble (10 Handicap)

The technology built into the FLAT CAT Solution is unlike anything else available to the golfing public. The team at FLAT CAT, who developed the Tour-proven FLAT CAT grip, have now actually invented a new category that is specifically designed to help golfers who have a yip in their putting stroke. It makes EVERY golfer’s putting stroke smoother and more consistent, enabling you to hole more putts. And you can do it without changing your putter, your grip style, or your stroke.

Purchase your FLAT CAT Solution TODAY to instantly transform your putting stroke and lower your scores!

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The best putters in the world don’t force the putter back and through, rather, they allow the putter head to swing freely. But golfers who struggle with their stroke on the greens try to control and manipulate the putter head.

The FLAT CAT Solution weighted technology, positioned directly below your hands, allows your putter to feel heavier and more stable.

Through extensive testing

The Science & Motion SAM PuttLab, the world’s leading putting analysis system, determined FLAT CAT Solution was the ONLY weighting option that visibly, significantly, and dramatically smoothed and improved the strokes of golfers suffering with the yips instantly!


Each line represents an individual golfer’s putting stroke before FLAT CAT Solution

Graph 1
Graph 2


Same golfer’s putting stroke using FLAT CAT Solution

Graph 3
Graph 4

The big advantage

The weighted technology built into FLAT CAT Solution creates a stable, pendulum-like feel without adding weight to the putter head itself. Weighting the putter head can make it more difficult to consistently control distance. We utilize our patented, easy-glide cone to position the weight directly below the golfer’s hands, causing the putter head to feel heavier without sacrificing feel. This instantly creates a smoother, yip-free stroke.

FLAT CAT Solution incorporates the Tour-proven, FLAT1 grip design, which automatically aligns your hands, arms and shoulders promoting a square putter face through impact.

The FLAT CAT Solution will:

  • Reduce or eliminate yips
  • Square your face
  • Increase your confidence in sinking putts!

“It raised my confidence level.”

Tony Leslie (19 Handicap)

“It was an immediate difference!”

Jack Farley (12.9 Handicap)
Clifford Romme (17 Handicap)
Terry Turner (17 Handicap)
Jeff Prochnick (22 Handicap)
Mickey Kronley (17 Handicap)
Keith Junk (20 Handicap)
James O. Jackson (22 Handicap)

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There has never been anything introduced to the putting world that will have a more profound effect on golfers who struggle on the greens than the revolutionary new FLAT CAT Solution by Lamkin!

Purchase your FLAT CAT Solution TODAY to instantly, transform your putting stroke and lower your scores!



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